Registration Rules & Releases


In order for a player to be granted a release from the Uxbridge Minor Lacrosse Association the following at a minimum must apply:

As per the OLA 2023 RULES & REGULATIONS:

MR2.08(a) A player resident in a community represented by a rep club entered in a category for which he is eligible to play, must register with that club except where such player’s services are waived by that club subject to the provisions of MR3.11.

NOTE: Any player who has not registered with their resident association by the following dates will be ineligible for a rep release. If a club folds a team for which the player would have been eligible, the player will not be eligible for a release under MR2.08(b).

Box: 3rd Sunday in March
Field: March 1st
Fall Field: August 15th

  • Releases will only be granted to players where there is either no space on the team or there is no program.
  • If no applicable program is available then a player will be granted a ‘no program’ release and will be expected to return to their home center the following year.
  • Players who receive a release will be advised by the registrar of the next closest center based on residency which will be the association they will then need to register with.
  • The OLA “Release Request Form” must be used in all cases where a player wishes to be released from their current Association in order to play for another Association. The player, the parent or the guardian must complete all fields in Section 1 and send it to the President of the Association from which the release is requested. Only the information presented in Section 1 will be considered; new reasons for a release will not be entertained should the Association’s decision be appealed at any other level.

For any questions or concerns regarding Player Releases, contact the UMLA at

Prior to submitting any release request, the player must be registered with their resident OLA Association for the current year, and may not apply for a release prior to February 15th. 

The OLA release form must be used for all releases and filled out digitally.